V-AgriFleet develops an innovative agricultural fleet management system to be operated through a mobile application. The central operational features of the application includes a voice interaction with the user (voice driven). The product is significantly differentiated from competition due to the fact that it can be applied to heterogeneous fleets (different types of agricultural vehicles/machines, different manufacturing companies), overcoming the disadvantages of existing fleet management solutions that apply exclusively to homogeneous fleets regarding the type and trademarks of the vehicles/machines of the agricultural fleet concerned. At the same time, the use of voice commands releases operators from further manual interaction with the system, enabling them to interact with the application by either providing or collecting information with their voice.

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Founded by

European Commission | FP7-FRACTALS


36 months  |  Jun 2015 – March 2016

Total budget

114.560 €

BIOCIRCULAR: Bioproduction System for Circular Precision Farming