Faced with the challenges of meeting regulatory requirements and satisfying consumer expectations for safe fresh foods, industry segments are evolving on separate, yet parallel paths to define their own traceability guidelines and address the supply chain-related aspects of food safety. Unique identification of products and standardized exchange of product data are required to contribute to food safety while also establishing cost-efficient business processes for information linkages to all participants in the supply chain. AgroTrace develops an effective integrated traceability process and a standardized approach to fresh product and location identification while also remaining flexible for the various supply chain roles and responsibilities within the ecosystem. The AgroTrace approach establishes a common language and procedures shared by all players through all levels of the supply chain, along with interoperable hardware and software solutions in order to accommodate improved food safety via precise and efficient recalls, new operational efficiencies gained by all members of the supply chain, and reduced waste by implementing proper handling or rotation based on item-level traceability.

More info at : https://www.agro-trace.eu/

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Founded by

Hellenic General Secretariat for Research and Technology EPAnEK Operational Progam 2014-2020 Competitiveness Entrepreneurship Innovation


36 months  |  Sep 2019 – Aug 2022

EfB Budget

34.000 €

Total Budget

825.278 €

BIOCIRCULAR: Bioproduction System for Circular Precision Farming
AGRI.AWARE: Designing and Developing of an Innovative Agricultural Fleet Management System to be Operated Through a Mobile Application