KYKLOS 4.0 demonstrates the transformative effects that Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and methodologies will have to the Circular Manufacturing Framework. To this end, the project performs large-scale pilots to demonstrate the technical, environmental and economic viability of KYKLOS 4.0 Ecosystem to reshape intra-factory processes and services, while showing KYKLOS 4.0 value in terms of operational efficiency improvements and delivering reusable solutions (second use of material, part and components reuse) for the whole manufacturing sectors. Moreover, KYKLOS 4.0 ensures scalability for future scale of novel circular manufacturing technologies and services by engaging over 100 key European industry actors. Bringing together knowledge and solutions of major European technology providers together with the competence and experience of key European industry players in the circular manufacturing  domain, the project demonstrates a measurable reduction of environmental impacts due to the reduce of the use of fossil fuels and raw materials. The delivered results are relevant for the whole manufacturing sector and market throughout Europe.

More info at :  https://kyklos40project.eu/

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Founded by

European Commission | H2020-DT-2018-2020 | Innovation Actions (IA)


48 months  |  Jan 2020 – Dec 2023

EfB Budget

364.375 €

Total Budget

19.227.110 €

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