PALAEMON develops a sophisticated mass centralised evacuation system, based on a radical re-thinking of Mass Evacuation Vessels (MEVs) combined with an intelligent ecosystem of critical components providing real-time access to and representation of data to establish appropriate evacuation strategies for optimizing the operational planning of the evacuation process on damaged or flooded vessels. The intelligent ecosystem of PALAEMON incorporates innovative technologies for sensing, people monitoring and counting and localisation services as well as real-time data during accident time. These are integrated into an independent, smart situation-awareness and guidance system for sustaining an active evacuation route for large crowds, making emergency response in EU passenger ships more efficient. Continuous monitoring and permanent control enhances the capacity to detect, prevent and mitigate any issue and potential harm arising from physical and/or man-made accidents and disasters.

More info at http://www.palaemonproject.eu/

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Founded by

European Commission | H2020-MG-2018-2019-2020 | Research and Innovation Actions (RIA)


36 months  |  Jun 2019 – May 2022

EfB Budget

358.125 €

Total Budget

8.943.776 €

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