software calculates the environmental impact of a supply chain with the use of Life Cycle Assessment. Through the use of the tool, a thorough and complete assessment of the product or process under study is carried out, taking into account the whole life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to the disposal and the waste management of products. ecoCycle is based on the Eco Indicator 99 methodology, which calculates a single indicator that reflects the overall environmental impact of a product or process over its entire life cycle, based on the International Standard ISO 14042. More specifically, ecoCycle quantifies the following environmental impacts: (a) Human health, (b) natural environment, (c) climate change, (d) depletion of natural resources, (e) ozone depletion, (f) acidification, (g) eutrophication, (h) ionizing radiation, (i) ecotoxicity, and (i) land use.