V-AgriFleet is an innovative agricultural fleet management application which has as a central functional feature the voice-driven provision and receiving of real-time information. The application is a decentralized fleet management tool for heterogeneous fleets independently of the machines’ brand names and specifications. It provides operators the complete communication by his/her own voice without any manual interaction with the interface which cost in time from and concentration to other parallel tasks. V-AgriFleet is a FIWARE based application incorporating a series of enablers (e.g. PEP Proxy – Wilma, AuthZForce, Orion Context Broker) that is targeted to various customer groups, such as farmers and farmers associations, and machinery contractors and manufactures. The development of V-AgriFleet has been funded by the E.U., under the 7th Framework Program, in collaboration with MLS S.A.

v-agrifleet: Voice-driven fleet management system for agricultural operations