Our Products and Services

Our Products and Services

Explore EFB’s cutting-edge ICT solutions tailored for environmental monitoring and reporting, alongside digitalization services designed for innovative applications. Our offerings encompass:

  Real-time Carbon Footprint calculation & Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

  Reporting and Certification (ISO 14064, ISO 14067, EPD Label, Eco Label)

  Digital product development

  Innovative ICT applications

  Consulting services

These applications address a spectrum of needs, providing robust functionality and production capabilities. Our solutions extend to comprehensive support in the stages of preparation, sustainability, and evaluation, ensuring a holistic approach to your business challenges.

ICT Solutions for Environmental Monitoring and Reporting

EFB introduces a web-based Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tool designed to calculate the environmental impact of products, processes, and services in real-time, facilitating continuous improvements in environmental performance. Our tool offers comprehensive reporting for impact assessment and certification (ISO 14064, ISO 14067, EPD Label, Eco Label), leveraging cutting-edge information technology. Combined with EFB’s extensive expertise in sustainability processes, we provide an advanced technology package for Environmental Monitoring and Reporting, featuring integrated automation and interoperability capabilities. For detailed information about EFB’s real-time LCA tool (LCArt), please visit this link.

Applicable across the entire value chain of production and spanning all sectors of the economy, EFB’s real-time LCA tool is particularly relevant in the following sectors:

Smart Cities and
Industry 4.0

Employing ICT applications and sophisticated modeling procedures to support operational and production circularity management, as well as eco-efficiency monitoring and optimization.

Digital Agriculture

Utilizing innovative algorithms and integrated ICT systems to enhance sustainability management and performance in primary production.

Environment & Circularity

Leveraging innovative ICT applications and consulting services to strengthen environmental performance and decision-making. This includes fostering environmental awareness and protection against environmental disasters.

At EFB, we are committed to providing tailored solutions that contribute to a more sustainable and efficient future across diverse industry sectors.

Digitalization and Innovative Applications

EFB develops advanced ICT applications and integrated digital solutions, combined with robust data analysis and sophisticated algorithms. Beyond optimizing digital efficiency and fine-tuning procedural parameters for sustainability, EFB’s focus on interoperability ensures that the solutions integrate effortlessly into diverse technological ecosystems. Through advanced design and adherence to industry standards, EFB empowers the applications with the flexibility to interact with a spectrum of technologies, fostering an interconnected digital landscape.

Consulting Services

EFB’s commitment to excellence extends across three key and complementary consulting fields: Firstly, EFB’s expertise in LCA analysis and certification procedures ensures that your needs meet the highest standards, positioning your brand in the sustainability landscape. Secondly, EFB’s consulting services in digital transformation, ICT components integration, and training empower your organization to go through the complexities of the digital age cost-efficiently and seamlessly. EFB does not only provide cutting-edge solutions but also offers comprehensive training to equip your team with the skills needed for optimal utilization. Lastly, our strategic business and project circular planning services leverage our extensive experience and participation in long-term research and development projects for ICT product evolution. Through our collaboration you gain a strategic partner committed to guiding you through the intricacies of technology, sustainability, and strategic planning in an ever-evolving business landscape.