Product Development

EfB utilises state-of-the-art technology of information, combined with its in-depth know-how to create cutting-edge and fully personalised ICT products for integrated automation, interoperability and data analysis in product development, since, in each and every field, the development of ICT products is a key choice for quality management, data analysis and the broader addition of innovation to services.

Primary Sector

Innovative ICT applications, Integrated Agriculture Management Systems


IoT Applications, Logistics 4.0


Environmental Impact Assessment, Life Cycle Analysis & Assessment


For the management and proper function of a company or a project, EfB creates, through its products and services, the foundations for the optimal flow and management of data and information, with the ultimate goal of providing its clients with the most efficient and high quality procedural functions.

Primary Sector

Decision Support Systems, Supporting Actions


Systems Engineering, Supply Chain Networks Optimisation


Integrated Sustainability Management, Green Supply Chain

Project Support

Each program and every research project have their own specifications, needs and requirements, considering even each different stage of evolution. Thus, for EfB, each step has a special meaning and a corresponding framework of action and support. From design to implementation and analysis, we create specialised ICT products and innovative technology applications aiming to the most comprehensive development and support of a project, combined with the utmost dedication to its parameters and an in-depth research for the most complete coverage.

Primary Sector

Submission and Implementation of Research Projects


Innovative Business Plans, Spin-Off Recommendation


Environmental Engineering, Environmental Informatics

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