ICT Solutions for Sustainability

ICT Solutions
for Sustainability

We offer advanced ICT solutions for environmental monitoring & reporting, and digitalization services for innovative applications.

  Real-time Carbon Footprint calculation & LCA

  Reporting and Certification

  Digital product development

  Innovative ICT applications

  Consulting services

Our Products
and Services

Our Products
and Services

We combine our ICT products and services with the strategic development of collaborations and the overall support of our customers for the implementation of cutting-edge and personalized technology solutions and applications:

ICT Solutions for Environmental Monitoring and Reporting

Calculate the environmental impact of your product, process, or service in real-time for an improved environmental performance.  Receive the full report and get prepared for certification (ISO 14064, ISO 14067, EPD Label, Eco Label).

Digitalization and Innovative Applications

EFB develops innovative ICT applications and integrated digital solutions combined with data analysis and advanced algorithms, enabling the optimization of digital efficiency and procedural parameters of the processes to enhance sustainability.

Consulting Services

EFB offers support to 3 key and complementary fields: i) LCA analysis and certification procedures, ii) Digital transformation, ICT components integration and training, iii) Strategic business and project circular planning, utilizing our expertise and the long-year participation in R&D projects for the development of ICT products.



EFB focuses on 3 key fields for the development and application of its ICT products and services:

Smart Cities & Industry 4.0

Via ICT applications and advanced modelling procedures to support operational and production circularity management and eco-efficiency monitoring and optimization.

Digital Agriculture

Via the development of innovative algorithms and integrated ICT systems to improve primary production sustainability management and performance.

Environment & Circularity

Via innovative ICT applications and consulting services to support environmental performance and decision-making for environment awareness and protection from environmental disasters.

Research and Development

Research and Development

Our experience is based on the implementation of integrated technology projects and ICT applications.

  • TREEADS: A Holistic Fire Management Ecosystem for Prevention, Detection and Restoration of Environmental Disasters

  • KYKLOS 4.0: An Advanced Circular and Agile Manufacturing Ecosystem Based on Rapid Reconfigurable Manufacturing Process and Individualized Consumer Preferences

  • PALAEMON: A Holistic Passenger Ship Evacuation and Rescue Ecosystem

  • FIELDS: Addressing the Current and Future Skill Needs for Sustainability, Digitalization, and the Bio-Economy in Agriculture: European Skills Agenda and Strategy

  • FARMBENV: An Agricultural Circularity Tool for Life Cycle Environmental Impact Assessment in Real-Time exploiting sensors and IoT

  • eMT cluster: An Innovative Cluster for Technologies to facilitate the Digital Transformation of businesses across 4 sectors, in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

  • AGRI.AWARE: Designing and Developing of an Innovative Agricultural Fleet Management System to be Operated Through a Mobile Application

  • AGROTRACE: Integrated System for Traceability and Agrologistics of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

  • BIOCIRCULAR: Bioproduction System for Circular Precision Farming

  • V-AGRIFLEET: Voice-driven Fleet Management System for Agricultural Operations



EFB has developed partnerships and commercial relationships with top institutes and companies worldwide: