TREEADS, a large-scale EU Green Deal project, brings together a consortium of 46 partners from 13 European countries and Taiwan, in the fight against wildfires.  TREEADS will increase the effectiveness of enhanced sustainable fire and forest management under changing climate conditions, by building upon state-of-the-art high TRL products and latest innovations in fields covering all three stages of fire management -namely fire prevention and preparedness, detection and response, restoration, and adaptation – and uniting them under the umbrella of a holistic Fire Management Platform Ecosystem. The TREEADS project, funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Programme under the EU Green Deal call, aims at addressing a number of major challenges that wildfires pose, including current technological and infrastructural restrictions, but also severe environmental, societal, and economic consequences.

The TREEADS fire management ecosystem will include various innovative technologies and systems covering all time-interconnected stages of wildfires (before, during and after). In total, over 26 different technologies will be optimized, developed, and validated in the implementation of TREEADS with expected results to include, among others, the minimization of the significant impacts caused by extreme fires and experience strengthening for end-users within a rich set of realistic scenarios via the project’s training programme.  The TREEADS tools and solutions will be demonstrated and validated under actual operating conditions in eight complex pilot implementations in seven European countries and Taiwan. Among them is Austria, Norway, Spain, Italy, Romania, Greece and Germany; countries that have suffered the loss caused by extensive wildfires over the past years.

More info at: https://treeads-project.eu/

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Founded by

European Commission | H2020-LC-GD-2020 | Research and Innovation Program (RIP)


42 months  |  Dec 2021 – May 2025

EFB Budget

446.875 €

Total Budget

22.575.535 €

KYKLOS 4.0: An Advanced Circular and Agile Manufacturing Ecosystem Based on Rapid Reconfigurable Manufacturing Process and Individualized Consumer Preferences