FIELDS tackles new challenges and opportunities for agriculture today, driven by the climate change, the greening of the products and processes, the reuse of side-stream products, the raised complexity of the chain and the increased availability of information. The multi-stakeholder approach of the FIELDS project allows confronting the complexity of the issues that  EU agriculture faces today and successfully addresses and reacts to these drivers through the proposition of new business models and skills. As agriculture issues differ a lot from country to country, the EU strategy will be customized to address country-specific actions, occupational profiles and training material to reflect the country needs while keeping EU quality standards (ESCO, EQAVET, ECVET) to address the mobility of learners through Europe concretely. Within the project, an Agriculture Sector Skill Alliance is established to build upon the regulatory frameworks and opportunities at EU and country level, proposing concrete and practical initiatives to address skills challenges, in particular through offering modular training inside the project while guaranteeing mobility of workers within the agriculture, forestry and agrifood industry.

More info at : https://www.erasmus-fields.eu/home/

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Founded by

European Commission  |  Erasmus+  |  KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices


48 months |  Jan 2020 – Dec 2023

EfB Budget

88.437 €

Total Budget

3.996.600 €

AGRI.AWARE: Designing and Developing of an Innovative Agricultural Fleet Management System to be Operated Through a Mobile Application
PALAEMON: A Holistic Passenger Ship Evacuation and Rescue Ecosystem